The story of a photographer

Hey Hailly here! I am a mom of two, wife, and dog mom living in Saskatchewan Canada. As a photographer I have a set of goals that I work towards every time I pick my camera up. My main goal is to leave you with beautiful images that take you back in time and convey emotion. Remembering how you felt on your wedding day or your child's soft small hands. I am an extremely sentimental person with rubbermaid containers filled with every piece of art my children ever made. I keep a shutterfly account with every picture I've taken since my oldest son was born. I understand how important your pictures are and recognize their value. I know what it is like to look at a picture of your wedding day and tear up. To me photography is all about connection and communicating emotion. It is also important to recognize that everyone's story is different. Another important goal of mine is to tell the genuine version of your story. I am going to tell it authentically and in a unique way. Capturing those awe-inspiring pictures that make you teary for years to come.

A few things about me I think will matter to you are; I am adventurous and love trying new things. One of my favorite things to do is hike and find new places for my family to explore. I am always looking out of the box for new creative ideas. I like to look at the world imaginatively and experiment with light and love using the environment around me. I keep a list of ideas for new locations that I'm always adding to. When someone books with me I collect as many details as possible so that I have a plan and some inspiration to bring with me. What can I say, I am organized. I love list writing, scheduling, and sorting, Whatever it is you need help with I am your girl. Together we can build the wedding day time line of your dreams. Making sure the day of you are worry free. I am in your corner 110%! As organized as I am, I am also lighthearted and relaxed enough to be able to role with the day, getting all those great candid unscripted moments. I think your going to love that I am outgoing and have a great sense of humor. I want us to build a really great relationship because capturing great photos is all about connections. I want to hear all the personal touches that went into planning your wedding day and if you are wearing that special necklace from your grandma. It's all thse details that really bring your story to life. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures but am not a huge fan of having my own picture taken. I understand completely if you are uncomfortable and don't know what to do. I am going to be your cheerleader encouraging you the entire time. Making sure you have the confidence to feel great and have fun! I am going to guide you through the entire process. I am not afraid to get in there and move your hand, fluff your dress, and direct you to get that perfect shot. I'm also not afraid of mud, water, or climbing trees to get the angle I am looking for. Being creative involves getting messy!

A big part of what I do happens after we take pictures and I want you to know that I am racing home so excited to see and edit all that we've captured together. Most nights after a shoot you can find me up late editing because I LOVE what I do! I am excited to edit your pictures and can't wait to share them with you! I keep working hard to get your pictures back to you as fast as I can. I want your experience to be the best possible, from start to finish.

If you still feel like you want to get to know me better let's chat!

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